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Life Means…

February 19, 2007 11 comments

I gaze above at the black velvet sky, and without me knowing my eyes get locked onto to the sparkling stars, my mind gets lost into the twinkling shine, my soul doesn’t realize that it is breathing, and most of all I get lost into a world where I have never been. The darkness gets darker and the stars shine brighter as my soul and my mind meet as if they have never met before. All of a sudden the stars started to speak & they posed a question to me, “What does life mean to you?” this was a question that I had never thought about, for which my mind had no answer to, but then my soul uttered in a low & freaky voice, “I know!” and the all of a sudden the stars lost their sparkle and said, “tell us!” at this very moment my soul began to travel in the vortexes of my heart and itself as I began a journey inside me…

Humans no matter whom, what, or from where, have all sorts of ambitions, goals, aims or a reason to live, that reason is created or given birth from our understanding to the meaning of life. As I start the journey my mind sends impulses to my soul that at this phase in life I may not be able to comment on this question, but then my soul reacts and says, “my meaning of life is absolutely right” and with this thought I begin the journey.

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