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Nothing is impossible

February 8, 2006

I came back to
Sudan to find that my grades and financial records at college have been tampered with. I have no problem with the grades since I could have them rechecked but when I came to register and gave them the money, they told me that it’s not enough. I asked the lady exactly what she meant and she told me that the money I have is $1000 less than the required sum. 

I couldn’t believe it…just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. I explained to the lady that I’ve paid 4 semesters and I’ve never had a problem and even showed her my old receipts but she simply said that my record shows that the money I brought was a thousand bucks less. I told her that was impossible and that my record last semester showed different. 

I told her to wait while I looked for the registrar. The new registrar was a nice man who would surely help me. I went upstairs and was told that he was on vacation. How is that possible? It’s the new academic year! 

I spoke to his secretary and told her my problem. She directed me to some other lady and she in turn sent me downstairs to check the records there. That lady sent me back upstairs and again I was sent downstairs. I stopped for a second and somewhat felt like a donkey; with ‘stupid’ written all over my face because two women were sending me up and down a flight 50 steps and they obviously didn’t want to help. 

I went upstairs and spoke with the secretary again and this time she decided to help me. I asked her to take my file out so I could show the financial department how much I’m supposed to pay. She got some keys to a cabinet that supposedly contained all the files of my classmates and tried each key one by one. None of them worked… 

I was left with no choice but to pay that ridiculous sum of money and hope that they give me a refund when I prove to them I was right. My problem is not about the money, it’s about the possibility that grades and financial records could be altered. 

I’ll go to the bank and withdraw a $1000 tomorrow…I feel like I’m being ripped off.

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