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2 More court orders

October 21, 2005

I’ve been receiving phone threats and court orders for the past month. That same Sudanese dude and a gay friend of his have been calling me and saying it’s all over for me and that I’ll suffer. Yea…maybe suffer kidney pain from laughing too much at their feeble attempts to win some money off me. 

I received two more court orders, this time they looked a bit more official. Both times I was out of the house and my homeboys told me that it was an elderly man wearing a safari; resembling a court official. 

The second court order had the same claims as the first one but the final court order cracked me up. The guy claims he did an official favor for me at the university and helped me get a fee reduction AND paid for a whole semester from his own pocket. He claims he lives in the same area as I do and studies in the same university. 

I never responded to any of the court orders because I believed it was a joke. Besides, when Sudanese people want something they sometimes resort to dirty tricks and I thought getting me to show up at court would be a grave mistake and would only make them think I really am guilty. 

I’ve been under pressure from friends and family, some telling me to go to court and others saying it’s not safe and warning me not to fall for their trap. Whatever happens…I’m too busy with the final exams and trying to focus on my study which is becoming harder as each day passes.

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