September 23, 2005

I’m being sued by some guy who claims that I owe him money, loads of it, $1,800 in fact. One morning this dude comes knocking on my door asking for me. I was asleep and my friend told him to come back some other time. The guy insists and said he’s a police officer. So my friend wakes me up and I go up to the door to ask him what was up.  

I ask him for some identification and he says he’s a secret government agent,
Sudan’s equivalent of CIA. I told him I don’t care and still needed some ID and he repeated himself. I told him that if he really was what he said he was…he wouldn’t be telling me because his cover would be blown and that caught him off guard. He gives up and takes out and ID and flashes it in front of me. Although I didn’t get a good look at it I shrugged it off. He then asks me if I knew so and so people and I replied positively and he then tells me to sign a white piece of paper he had. I tried to grab it so I could read it and he pulls it away…telling me NO. 

I ask him if he thinks I’m stupid enough to sign something I don’t even know and when he knew I wasn’t going to sign without reading it, he gave it to me. I then told him to wait there while I called my other friend so he could read it for me. 

I woke Ahmed up from sleep and he came out to meet the guy. Ahmed read it out and told me it was a court order with a hearing date. I asked him what date it is and he told me it’s the same morning. We both looked at the alleged officer and cracked up and asked him for his badge again. He refused and I told him that we wouldn’t sign it. We knew he was a phony so I told him I won’t sign the paper and asked him to get lost. 

It was an A4 paper with two similar parts top and bottom. It’s handwritten and he’s tryna convince us it’s a court order? He then said his job was simply to notify us and he did. He cut the paper in half and gave us one half and said the other half is for court records. 

Court record my ass. Now why would a secret agent be serving as a paperboy for the judicial system?

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