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Nationwide blackout

September 10, 2005

I don’t know how it happened but there was no electricity all over
Sudan for almost a day. 

No fans, no A/Cs, no fridges, meaning no way to keep cool. At first I thought it was the usual power cuts. The government has a habit of cutting electricity at certain times of day to cool down its power generators but today friends from other states of the country called and told us their towns are without power as well. The government also cuts power to certain areas of the cities to prevent anyone who is planning to overthrow it from doing so. 

I heard some rumors that one of the biggest power plants in the country has blown up or burned down…seemed true since I believe there are only two power plants in
Sudan and there was no other explanation for the widespread power outage. 

What I don’t get is…they have the longest river in the world; the River Nile. Why don’t they build hydroelectric plants and generate cheap electricity to make lives easy for everyone? Day by day I am convinced that laziness is a Sudanese thing 

p.s. They have a state called ‘Kasala’ and in Arabic, ‘Kasal’ means ‘lazyiness. Add the suffix ‘a’ and it becomes a name…so I’m guessing that Kasala has the laziest people on Earth. 

(if you’re Sudanese, I hope you’re not offended by what I say. Most of what I say can’t be denied, although I add a few harmless jokes)

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