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Curfew lifted

August 15, 2005

Ever since the uprising, 12 hour curfew was imposed from six in the evening till the morning. This was to stop people from getting hurt. The law enforcement cracked down on all the criminals; in their case, anyone who looked Southern. 

It was a pretty racist way of catching the bad guys; simply labeling the Southerners as the crooks. I remembered scenes from all the novels I had read on the
Mississippi and Alabama African Americans who suffered the indiscriminate attacks by KKK members each night. 

I saw this innocent young Southern man who was dressed nicely walking among the people. Then one of the other men shouted and pointed at the man, clearly innocent of any of the crimes his countrymen committed. They singled him out simply as a Southerner and started attacking him. Poor man was rescued by an elderly man who scolded the others for their cowardly act. 

Why are they attacking now? Why are these Northerners coming out to the streets now? Where were they when their city was being destroyed? Where were they when their shops were being looted and their cars were were being burned? Where were they when these men were beating up their brothers and raping their sisters and mothers out in the open? 

Simple…I saw them and they were all watching from their balconies…watching as their people were raped and killed. 

Why muster up some courage now when the police have taken all the rioters away? Why act tough and attack the remaining helpless innocent Southerners left? Why the fuck drive around in pickup trucks full of other men with sticks and search for Southerners when they’re all locked away? 

And then later that day as I was on the balcony watching those lame Arabs drive around in groups, there was a radio broadcast saying that the another Southern leader was killed…and it turned out to be a lie. 

Then every single Northerner walking or driving in the streets disappeared back into their dwellings, safely locked up in their homes, watching from their balconies… 

At least this time they kept their families inside and made sure their mothers and sisters don’t get raped…

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